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The climax of Kyra and Amon's origin story! Plenty of sex this time, so I hope you enjoy it! In this download are 43 fully colored pages, the full Cover image and one version without the text, and 10 textless pages of the climax.

The pages also have an image resolution of 4000 x 5500 pixels, zoom in to your heart's content!

There's a bundle for the whole trilogy here: https://itch.io/s/33361/the-trilogy-bundle

If you don't want to purchase it, the pages will be posted publicly in two weeks (July 31st) at a rate of 1 or 2 pages per day in a lower resolution .

Artist: Atrolux

Writer: Cloperella

Updated 1 day ago
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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Is this Xbox supported?


Gotta say, this was a fun ride. I loved this series a lot. Everything about it was wonderful. The Kyra and Amon are such wonderful characters, and to see their interactions are just beautiful. The NSFW Content was wonderfully done, yeah, but the smaller, softer moments are so cute that I simply can't get enough. I loved everything about this, and it was 100% worth every dollar. Great Work Atrolux.


This is literally my FAVORITE comic ever! I adore this so much>~<3 The art style is wonderful and the storyline/writing is captivating. I CANNOT WAIT to see more! Keep up the amazing work, this is phenomenal.


There's a whole lot of negative comments on here so I just wanna say omg this trilogy is the best comic I've ever read holy wow😅. Gorgeous, adorable, sexy motha fuckin art and I hope to see more storytelling of these characters!

I’ve tried time and time again to download via iOS, but to no success. It keeps on saying undefined error 0. I’m hoping it will work better for pc.


Thank you SO MUCH for making such a incredibly hot and heartwarming story between two snakes! Kyra & Amon really surpassed my expectations and I love them! Please keep doing the awesome work Atro!

Much love and success ♥

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I have tried to purchase Chapter 3 seven times but it won't send me a confirmation email or the download file for the comic 😠. I loved Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, but I want to see Chapter 3 and itch.io isn't working for me 😫. 


are you still having troubles?

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Yeah, I sent an email, had a request filed for the missing file, but itch.io isn't sending me the comic or a reply for my problem. When I fill out all my information to buy the comic, it just takes me to the purchase screen, but no confirmation email or download file ever comes to my account. I checked my purchase screen and it didn't show my transaction but I've put all the necessary information at least over 10 times 😩

I'm real sorry to hear that.. Nothing I can do about that sadly.


Its ok, I can always wait for the public pages😁 I wish for you to have amazing success ♥️♥️♥️

I am in the same situation. Trying to use a gift card but my card keeps getting declined


Just bought the bundle , gotta say y'all did an amazing job on it all <3 loved it , Kyra and Amon are such cuties <3  Hope to see more of your wok in the future Stay awesome 


Hey, I just wanted to say I love this comic series and love the art, Me and my homie's where wait for this comic for weeks. Keep up the good work! love yall! (no homo) :)